Patient Results

  • Eddie always makes me feel like my health issues are his number one care and concern. I’m on the road to full recovery and I’m so blessed and happy that Pardee Spine Center recommended Flat Rock Physical Therapy for me!

    S. L.

  • I experienced great results in Charleston SC with cranial work and once I found out that physical therapists are educated in these modalities, I stopped in to ask Flat Rock Physical Therapy to see if they were versed in it.  Well, I found out  “yes, they were” and, after getting to know Eddie Maynor, he became my “go to  guy”, as needed.

    What surprises me are all his little tricks that I had never experienced but are all part of the physical therapy arsenal he has.  These tricks work on those tight neck/shoulder muscles associated with fibro!  The best part is that he explains what he’s doing along the way….well; I do ask a lot of questions.  Also, the thought provoking discussions we have takes your mind off your problems, meaning “Move out the way and let the body go into self correction”.

    With FRPT being a one therapist office, you get his undivided attention and that’s important to me and my mother who always chooses Flat Rock Physical Therapy when asked “who do you want to go to?”.

    Marilyn Gasque

  • After 2 years of doctor’s visits, chiropractor treatments, & specialists, I discovered Flat Rock Physical Therapy.  Eddie Maynor changed my life.  In 30 days my pain was almost completely gone and I was able to enjoy life again!  I continue to go to FRPT for follow up visits and highly recommend FRPT to anyone who needs relief, alternative answers, or just overall wellbeing care.  Eddie is highly trained, professional, & extremely knowledgeable about the body and how to heal pains & other aliments.

    Tara Tinsley Ledbetter

  • I have been going to Eddie Maynor  of Flat Rock Physical Therapy for Pain when I have an issue for the past 4 years. My feet were numb and hurt, Eddie worked on my feet and back, I now have feeling in my feet and my back feels a whole lot better. I recommend him very highly to help with pain.

    Sharon Laughter

  • Eddie Maynor, Flat Rock Physical Therapy, is very caring, knowledgeable and is patient oriented for the best results and outcome for the patient. His expertise and therapy has avoided a major abdominal surgery for me and wonderful care post-op for a torn meniscus. I highly recommend him for any and all of your physical therapy needs and have also recommended him to doctors in the Hendersonville/Flat Rock area and beyond.

    LaVerne Hessinger

  • I have suffered with chronic neck, back and shoulder pain for over 25 years. I have gone to Chiropractors and other Physical Therapists and no one seemed to care or were able to give me any relief. Luckily, I was referred to Flat Rock Physical Therapy and Eddie Maynor by my physician about 3 years ago, and what a difference Eddie has made in my pain level which has made a difference in my life.

    Eddie is such a friendly, empathetic, accommodating & knowledgeable Physical Therapist. He goes out of his way to fit me in to his schedule, even if I do not have an appointment, because he is so concerned about helping relieve my pain. If you are looking for a physical therapist, I highly recommend Eddie Maynor at Flat Rock Physical Therapy.

    Artie H.

  • I am a busy Hospice nurse and have suffered with Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis for several years. I have also had 3 back surgeries for ruptured discs. When the cold or rainy weather comes, or when I do too much lifting or walking, cold laser and dry needling from Eddie gives me incredible relief in my painful joints. It is a pleasant experience that I would recommend to anyone!

    Connie Scheuneman, R.N.

  • I am a retired medical physician. In the latter years of my practice and retirement, I have experienced progressive arthritis in my shoulders, which has been very painful and often incapacitating. Under the expert use of cold laser and dry needling by Eddie Maynor, I’ve experienced more relief than with any other modality.

    Allen F. Scheuneman, M.D.