About the practice

I am a native and life long resident of western North Carolina. My early days as a certified personal trainer and powerlifter, has given me special insight into athletic performance.  I have a BA in Biology, magda cum laude, from the University of North Carolina at Ashville and a Masters in Physical Therapy, magda cum laude, from Western Carolina University.  Certified in Dry Needling by American Academy of Manipulative Therapy,  I have also been trained in multiple forms of manual therapy and has completed dozens of continuing education courses, completing over 36,000 manual therapy treatment sessions.

When I established Flat Rock Physical Therapy for Pain in 2004, I did so for one very simple reason. I wanted to help those who “fell through the cracks” at large facilities where I had been a staff physical therapist, lead physical therapist, and clinic manager. There were so many who were afflicted by all sorts of pain syndromes that just were not getting better with traditional physical therapy (cold packs, hot packs, e-stim, ultrasound, exercises, bikes, treadmills, etc). So, many moons prior to opening, I began to study, read, and take courses far and wide on manual therapy (hands on) techniques and exotic modalities that were very foreign to anything that I had been trained in. Now, a decade plus later, I am so glad that I did all of those things. My quest for knowledge continues in many cutting edge areas. I want to give my patients the best treatments available, as well as my undivided attention. Today, I take a holistic whole body approach and custom treatments include: manual therapy (spinal and peripheral manipulation, mobilization, primal reflex release technique, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, bowen technique, Gua Shua, etc);  advanced modalities include: trigger point dry needling, electro dry needling, cold laser, kinesio taping, ETPS (electro therapeutic point stimulation), etc.

Most (75-80%) of the people who receive treatment get lasting relief, some (10-15%) get astounding nearly immediate results, a few (5-10%) need other options. My mission in this enterprise is to provide every individual the very best custom treatment that I can, and to partner with each person to create their personal success in conquering his or her pain and promoting total holistic wellness.

Thanks for reading,
Eddie Maynor, MPT

Eddie Maynor

Eddie Maynor